WolfPack Add-on Manager for FileMaker

WolfPack is an add-on configuration and installer tool designed to manage FileMaker Add-Ons. The WolfPack supports easy export and import of add-ons with an integrated "help" section as well as "preflight" checklists. WolfPack is for intermediate to advanced Developers looking to leverage the Add-on tool released in FileMaker 19 (or later).

WolfPack comes preloaded with some of RCC's Favorite Add-Ons allowing you to drag and drop modules for faster development. WolfPack includes add-ons such as: Virtual Tabs, Virtual Menus, etc. To assist you, we added a help section on how to install each add-on.

Welcome to the Pack!


This requires you to have FileMaker 19 (if you do not have FileMaker and are interested, please reach out to the RCC team for help).
The WolfPack can only be used with FileMaker Pro.

Option #1: Free Download - Limited Technical Support

Assuming you have FileMaker installed this kit comes with all the pieces you need to implement it on your own.

Option #2: Contact Us

If you are in need of our assistance, please contact the RCC team.

The WolfPack was inspired by Kristian Olsen and is a product of RCC. WolfPack One contains a number of add-ons from RCC and various third parties. These are used with permission.

Special thanks to Kyle Williams, Leland Long, and Neil Jensen.
Special thanks to all our daily LiveStream viewers at FMTraining.tv!